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Smartphone makes roads safer and more comfortable!

~ Easy and inexpensive inspection of road surface with smartphone ~


Kenya is a Geographical chief part of shipping and air transportation in east Africa. Especially, the northern corridor starting from the Mombasa port in Kenya is a gateway of transportation for the neighbor countries (DRC, Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda and South Sudan).
On the other hand, most transportation in Kenya depends on the roads. Traffic network in Kenya, mainly highways, is comparatively developed but average drive speed is limited by condition of road surface and it causes daily jam and increase of time and cost for transportation.
In spite of this situation, inspection and management of roads haven’t been conducted enough because expensive dedicated equipment and technical experts are necessary for these activities and budget and human resources are limited. Therefore, realizing an inexpensive and wide inspection of roads with the latest ICT, more effective and efficient roads maintenance will be enabled and it leads to further development of regional economy.


This subject aims to evaluate condition of roads quantitatively in order to improve inspection of road surface in Kenya, using International Roughness Index (IRI), one of the indexes that indicates condition of roads (flatness). As a way to realize it, we introduced DRIMS / iDRIMS, an easy-to-use and low-cost system for simple evaluation of condition of roads, to Kenya (Kenya National Highways Authority: KeNHA) and verified its utilization for maintenance and management of the roads and its efficacy


Technical Cooperation Projects/JICA、Cross-ministerial Strategic Innovation Promotion Program(SIP)/Cabinet Office

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