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Creating the future of African tropical rainforests with local people

Co-creation of Innovative Forest Resources Management Combining Ecological Methods and Indigenous Knowledge


Using a combination of indigenous and scientific knowledge to design resource management model with ownership by residents

Sustainable use of natural resources is essential for the future of rainforests in southeast Cameroon. This project will make accurate estimate of wildlife habitat density using camera trap and design a sustainable management model centering on monitoring by residents. A sustainable model for promising non-timber forest products (NTFPs) will be built by standardizing production and processing methods. Operators will be educated to ensure the model to be established in the region and the implementation process will be proposed to the Cameroon government.


Preserve biodiversity with sustainable management of wildlife and non-timber forest products

The establishment of forest resource management based on proactive participation by local residents will promote preservation of biodiversity in the rain forests of Congo Basin. Also, utilization of diverse forest resources including wildlife and non-timber products as well as improvement in lives of local residents through commercialization of forest products can be achieved in a sustainable manner.

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