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MARS Company

Unique Refrigerating Machines with Supercooling Technology for High-Quality Food Preservation: Kuraban

Freezer with Advanced Freezing Technology That Can Maintain Food Freshness 3 to 10 Times Longer Than Regular Refrigerators


Kuraban is a product with advanced freezing technology that can maintain food freshness 3 to 10 times longer than regular refrigerators. It is used for storing various kinds of food such as fishery products (sea food) that usually need to be frozen for longer storage. “Kuraban” is particularly beneficial for food that is easily damaged by normal unfreezing processes. “Kuraban” can significantly improve the quality of refrigerated food, by skipping the thawing process and avoiding cellular damage to food.

Major Features

Enables to maintain freshness of products 3 to 10 times longer by keeping food refrigerated with -2℃

・Speed and Sanitation
Enables to reduce food loss by keeping food matured and sanitized

Enables to maintain high quality by minimizing cell destruction and food drip with temperature control
※Food drip: Juice from the inside of food when it is thawed. Juice includes the original flavor and umami of the food.

Fig. 1 Comparison of preserved states of foods between Kuraban and a conventional refrigerator

Technology Data

Possible Applications
In the short term, we believe that “Kuraban” can contribute to accomplish the following three goals:
(1) To increase sales opportunities by decreasing the volume of food loss such as deteriorated fish and vegetables.
(2) To add value to fishery (sea food) and agricultural products.
(3) To expand exportable market and create new business opportunities.

In the medium term, it will increase the income level of fishermen, farmers and other people concerned including exporters.
In the long term, “Kuraban” will develop fishery and agricultural industry by strengthening their competitiveness, increasing the value of fishery and agricultural products and expanding the market.

Competitive Advantage
“Kuraban” has a great advantage in the refrigeration technology which enables to keep fishery and agricultural products fresh in a long period of time. It reduces cost in freezing and defrosting by providing refrigeration technology.
By applying an electric field in the refrigerator using a N-Te-Fe (see Fig. 2) energy system, it is possible to carry out refrigeration storage for a long period of time without freezing food even under freezing point as well as performing antibacterial and oxidation control.
The effect of the system is to achieve 3 to 10 times longer-term preservation than conventional refrigerators.

Fig. 2 Images of N-TeFe device

This will contribute to develop an advanced cold chain with an affordable cost. Initial expense will only be purchasing “Kuraban” and electronic fee which “Kuraban” and space parts require to run.

It enables to maintain freshness of products 3 times to 10 times longer than regular refrigerators.

Fig. 3 Specification of Kuraban

Table 1 Advantages of Kuraban

Technical maturity / Past record of introduction
FY18: 35 units (31 in Japan and 4 in foreign countries (Thai, New Zealand and Morocco)) as of January 2019

Application at installed sites: Steak House: Long-term preservation of meat, provision of aged meat
Hotels: Maintenance of freshness of food, Compression of food loss
Butcher: Production of aged meat
Japanese restaurant: Long-term preservation of meat and Fish, production of aged meat
Soba Shop: Long-term storage of Soba to improve process efficiency
Sweets Shop: Keep purchase price by long-term preservation of strawberries


Special Ice Maker from Salty Water for Fish Preservation: "sea snow"


Schematic illustration of the technology

Kuraban Product Video

Japanese verison

French version

Company Data

Company Name
MARS Company
Tonyamachinishi 1-1-2 Takasaki, Gunma, Japan
The Type of business
Manufacturing, sales and R&D
99 million JPY (as of June 30, 2019)
Number of enployee
10 (as of June 30, 2019)
July 7, 2006


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※This innovation seed information is reprinted with permission from UNIDO ITPO Tokyo’s STePP website.

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