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UMITRON - IoT and data analytics for aquaculture farmers

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UMITRON provides data analytics for aquaculture farmers through IoT, satellite remote sensing and AI to monitor the ocean environment and precisely manage fish growth. Its IoT-based autofeeder, UMITRON CELL enables farmers to remotely monitor fish behavior and control feeding for precision feeding. Feeding costs share typically make up 50-70% of the total production costs in aquaculture, and as such increasing efficiencies in feeding usually translates to cost reductions. The reduction in unconsumed feed also greatly reduces the associated environmental impacts.

Major Features

UMITRON CELL® is a smart automated feeder for aquaculture. The device can be managed remotely through use of a smartphone or desktop computer via the cloud. UMITRON CELL® was developed with the aim of solving major issues for aquaculture.

Improvement of the work environment
• Increased flexibility of operations through the use of remote control
• Reduction in boat trips and need to use the boat during bad weather conditions.

Increased environmental sustainability
• Reduction of environmental pollution by remote feed monitoring and reduction of waste feed.

Increased food supply stability and traceability
• Automation of operation processes and data accumulation improves operational efficiencies.
• Improvement in product traceability through data accessibility.

Technology Data

Conceivable Applications
UMITRON Fish Appetite Index (FAI), the world’s first real-time ocean-based fish appetite detection system uses efficient machine learning and image analysis techniques to extract relevant data that can then be used to accurately quantify fish appetite.

Aquaculture feed prices have risen dramatically due to a lack of key ingredients such as fish meal and fish oil. This presents an ever-growing challenge for farmers since feed costs account for a majority of their operational overhead. Farmers must walk a tight line—underfeeding their fish risks lower growth rates and slower time to market—while overfeeding increases costs and potentially harms the environment. In some cases, a farmer only has a limited amount of time to feed and observe each cage before needing to move onto the next one. New technologies such as IoT devices and machine learning offer farmers a solution to improve their feeding operations with the use of efficient data analytics.

FAI takes the guesswork out of fish feeding. The FAI algorithm takes in the same visual information that humans would and then scores fish appetite and presents it in an easy to understand chart. When used in tandem with a smart feeder such as UMITRON CELL, the feed time intervals and amounts can be automatically adjusted with minimal human interference.

UMITRON is currently providing its product, CELL, to aquaculture farmers in Japan, and has also begun its global expansion this year. Their project in Lake Titicaca, Peru, is to support local trout salmon farmers to expand their business and manage their environmental footprint.


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Izumiakasaka Building, Akasaka 2-22-24, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
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