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Medmain Inc.

PidPort ~The marketplace for pathological image diagnosis with AI~

Pioneering the new age of medicine through AI


We provide “PidPort” and “Medmain AI.” Our AI presents the detected lesion so that pathologists can focus on that area and make their work more efficient. ”PidPort” allows pathologists to manage pathological data in the cloud, and to ask for pathological consultations to AI or remote pathologists.
“PidPort” and “Medmain AI” will support pathologists to make a diagnosis more efficiently.
We will provide the better pathology to any patients, regardless of their location.

Major Features

There is a global shortage of pathologists. As a result, it leads to slow turnaround times, where it can take approximately three weeks to obtain a pathology diagnosis report.
There is also the issue that a pathologist specializing in stomach pathology is also responsible for dermatopathology - it is difficult to say that patients can receive the same level of pathological diagnois.
At Medmain, we are solving this problem through our product, "PidPort" and "Medmain AI." Our AI analysis can present detected lesions so that pathologists can focus on that area, thereby making their work more efficient and effective. In addition, our telepathology consultation service allows pathologists to hold discussions and consultations, and make a judgment from a highly specialized doctor. For medical institutions that do not have contacts or interact with other medical institutions, we provide a matching service to connect them. Ultimately, we strive to create an environment where patients all over the world, regardless of their location, can quickly obtain pathology diagnostic reports.

Technology Data

Conceivable Applications
PidPort is cloud-based and thus does not require any installation. It is accessible from any device, any location, and one can easily view uploaded images on the platform.
Users are also able to share their browing screen by sharing a URL link with other users. We have a highly encrypted security system and URLs are created randomly, which leads to tight security. Furthermore, URLs can only be shared among PidPort users. Medmain AI operates within PidPort. Utilizing a type of Artificial Intelligence called Deep Learning, Deep Learning's competitive edge is that it can analyze unknown data.
Even if it is presented with unfamiliar cancer characteristics, it is able to refer back to past learning data and detect cancer. With this method, currently, PidPort has a diagnostic accuracy of over 98% for stomach cancer and colorectal cancer. Even after our product release, it is possible to improve our accuracy by using our analyzed images.

Research Collaborations with several universities / medical institutes



medmain Imaging Center
Medmain Inc. Set to Begin Hospital Testing Trials for PidPort


Japanese, English, Chinese, Cantonese, French

Company Data

Company Name
Medmain Inc.
104, 2-4-5, Akasaka, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka, 810-0042 Japan
The Type of business
JPY 112,000,000
Number of employee


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