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A leading last mile delivery company in Uganda

  • Goal11

Break through the barrier of last-mile delivery in Uganda


CourieMate is a startup company founded in 2016 providing last-mile delivery solutions and cash-on delivery across Uganda (130districts) using ICT innovation to tackle poor address system, lack of viable payment system, and fear of fraud among consumers.

Major Features

Logistics is a critical yet easily neglected component of economic development. In East Africa, delivery costs are among the highest in the world. This extra cost is caused by a ‘logistics gap’: a lack of infrastructure, proper address systems, reliable delivery providers, and cash-less payment solution.

CourieMate provides low cost, reliable, and convenient delivery service in Uganda since 2016 to break through the barrier of last-mile delivery in retail and e-commerce development.

CourieMate plans to establish a KIOSK network, so customers can pick their parcel up and pay cash at the nearest KIOSK from their office and home. It is to provide efficient, low-cost and convenient delivery with a KIOSK network as there are over 180,000 KIOSKs (informal shops) in Kampala.

CourieMate will also establish disital-informal sector Integration retail revolution from the African market with our delivery and kiosk network.

Technology Description

Conceivable Applications
1. Last-mile delivery across Uganda with cash-on delivery.
We have a solid presence in 130 districts in Uganda where the final stretch to the customers’ door is the major challenge with a poor address system like Uganda. CourieMate has curated a stable system of operation that handles of all the complexities of last mile delivery whilst ensuring that the deliverables are secure and delivered on time.

We make e-Commerce fulfillment easy with our cash on delivery service in Uganda where the challenges of e-Commerce development include the lack of viable payment systems, and fear of fraud among consumers.

2. App-based delivery:
Customer will get delivery fee instantly and order delivery service via mobile app. Customers can also track their orders.

3. Pick-up station at kiosk:
Demo video:

According to our study from a trial phase, this KIOSK-based delivery can save 50% of the delivery cost, make operation efficiency (delivery and arrangement) 2-3 times better, and increase the success rate by 40% while having less cash handling risk than regular door-step delivery.

4. We plan to integrate traditional retail channels to digital channels after developing KIOSK network.
It will be omnichannel at the intersection of the physical and virtual channel to provide the following synergetic solutions such as central procurement, POS integration, cash-less payment solution...
Launch in May 2016 in Uganda
15,000+ deliveries per year
185+ agents network across Uganda




Company Data

Company Name
Plot8, Somero Road, Acacia, Kololo Kampala Uganda
The Type of business
Transportation / Logistics
2,000,000 UGX
Number of enployee


Contact person
Jun Ito
+256 776-014308