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Axelspace Corporation.

Space within Your Reach

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Changing lives with microsatellites


Space infrastructure has traditionally been constructed by governments, mostly because it is too costly for the private sector. However, microsatellites are generating a new paradigm, drastically lowering the risk and cost of space utilization. We would like to deliver the value of space to as many people as possible, making use of our unique microsatellite technology nurtured for more than a decade since establishing our company.

At Axelspace we create microsatellites and use them to solve problems from space.

AxelGlobe is Earth observation infrastructure for a new era. It will have the ability to capture the whole of our human-developed world at a 2.5m spatial resolution - enough to distinguish cars - every day. Its advantage is not just in the always-updated information it will provide, but also in the collection of past data. Comparing older images and studying their evolution can lead to invaluable insights and predictions for the future. "

Major Features

Your Very Own Satellite
Thanks to the emergence of microsatellite technology, company-owned, private satellites have become a reality. With overall costs counted in the millions of dollars, acquiring your own satellite is still a big decision. However, traditional “shared” satellites are, by design, unable to completely fulfill the needs of any single user. In other words, every user makes do with what is available but is often far from satisfied.
On the other hand, a dedicated satellite can be designed to fully meet all of your requirements, giving you a distinct advantage over your competitors.



Company Data

Company Name
Axelspace Corporation.
Clip Nihonbashi Building 2-3F, 3-3-3 Nihonbashi-Honcho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0023, Japan