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  • Tromso Co., Ltd.’s rice husk briquette machine (called the Grind Mill) uses often-underutilized rice husks to produce useful fuels. It works via a machine that grinds and compresses rice husks, producing solid briquette fuels called “Momigalite”. No binders or adhesives are needed, which represents its greatest feature. Momigalite can be used in place of firewood or charcoal, boosting forest preservation efforts.

    The machine was first created based on ship-building industry technology in Hiroshima, Japan. Due to the high level of silica in rice husks, core parts typically wear out easily with conventional machines. However, Tromso’s technology utilizes a special metal applied to the surface for added durability.

    Momigalite can be used as a substitute fuel in the event of a disaster, and this technology can be utilized in residential households, commercial restaurants, schools, etc.
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  • UMITRON provides data analytics for aquaculture farmers through IoT, satellite remote sensing and AI to monitor the ocean environment and precisely manage fish growth. Its IoT-based autofeeder, UMITRON CELL enables farmers to remotely monitor fish behavior and control feeding for precision feeding. Feeding costs share typically make up 50-70% of the total production costs in aquaculture, and as such increasing efficiencies in feeding usually translates to cost reductions. The reduction in unconsumed feed also greatly reduces the associated environmental impacts.
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  • Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. is offering a Clean Water Supply System designed to supply clean drinking water in rural areas using sand filtration. With a solar PV system, the system can be installed and run without being constrained by accessibility to electrical grid. The system does not require high running costs, neither complicated installation nor maintenance. As a result, the system has already been implemented many places in Asia and Africa (16 units in Asia; 21 units in Africa) since 2003, showing significant improvements in sanitation and health conditions in installed places.

    The Clean Water Supply System is also expected to change people’s lifestyle by reducing time spent for fetching water and improving productivity on work or study. It can also help to create new business opportunities in the community such as water delivery services, cleaning and ice-making.
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  • Y's Global Vision Inc. has created a compact-sized desalination device called MYZ Series™ that is lightweight, small and portable for use on construction sites and cramped remote areas. It’s also ideal for emergency situations where clean drinking water is imperative. Y’s Global Vision Inc. specializes in manufacturing and selling water purification machines.

    The company’s latest offering is the MYZ Series - portable desalination machines that can purify seawater and other contaminants such as Metal, Arsenic, harmful chemicals and removes 99.99% viruses and bacteria.

    This desalination machine has been found to be in accordance with Japan's Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare tests for safe drinking water. There are many different sizes, depending on the needs of the user. The typical installation type is the E-100 (capable of producing 100litres of safe and good tasting fresh water per hour), with larger versions available at 250litres, 500litres, 1,000litres and 1,500litres.
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  • Innovative wound treatment and dressing

    Control exudate produced by body. Nonadherence to the wound. Keep the wound surface moist.
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