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  • To wipe out healthcare blank zone on our planet

    Lequio Power Technology Corp.
    ・Affordable price
    ・Portability (only 265 gram)
    ・No external Power source required (USB power supply from PC)
    ・SyncView function: Synchronized movie of probe hand work and ultrasound tomography can easily be created
    ・Sufficient resolution for primary healthcare
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  • The “sea snow” produces snow-like ice from sea water or salty water. The resulting “sea snow” can maintain a sub-zero temperature of around -1℃ for a long period of time, unlike the generic flake ice that is widely used in the fishery sector all over the world. The snow-like ice helps prevent scratches and damage to the fish’s body during delivery.
    The salt density of “sea snow” is almost identical to that of the fluids inside fish bodies, which prevents water transfer and makes it possible to maintain freshness. Additionally, because “sea snow” contains air, its lower weight can contribute to cutting logistical costs, as well as providing better insulation than generic water ice.
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  • Kuraban is a product with advanced freezing technology that can maintain food freshness 3 to 10 times longer than regular refrigerators. It is used for storing various kinds of food such as fishery products (sea food) that usually need to be frozen for longer storage. “Kuraban” is particularly beneficial for food that is easily damaged by normal unfreezing processes. “Kuraban” can significantly improve the quality of refrigerated food, by skipping the thawing process and avoiding cellular damage to food.
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  • Inviroshield M5

    Inviroshield M5' eliminates pathogenic microorganisms and helps to reduce infections in the hospitals. This facilitates decrease in ALOS (average length of stay), which will not only reduce medical expenditure but also increase the treatment availability to deprived patients in developing countries, ensure healthy lives and promote wellness for all. Saved funds can also be utilized for nutritional supplements for malnourished children.
    In India, central government hospitals and municipality hospitals adopted this bio-decontamination program since last 5 years. The results of this technology are significant in the process of reduction of Infant Mortality rate in the Safdarjung hospital (Central Government Hospital). Currently this technology is also being adopted in AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Sciences).
    We have been serving Indian Market since 2008. Till date, total 800,000 sq. ft. has been treated by using 'Inviroshield M5' in Indian healthcare Institutes alone.

    Product Video:
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  • Mebiol, Inc. has invented a film called “Imec” made of hydrogel for growing vegetables with less water. Using this method, agriculture can be done virtually anywhere -- even on desert land or concrete. The film prevents harmful viruses and germs from getting in, rendering pesticides unnecessary. The film also creates a “water stress” that helps crops such as tomatoes synthesize large amounts of sugar, amino acids, and other nutrients. This, in turn, leads to more natural sweetness and higher nutritional value. In addition, Imec eliminates soil contamination that can negatively impact crop productivity and quality.

    Imec was invented by Dr. Yuichi Mori, CEO. He did so after 30 years of developing membranes and hydrogel technologies that are utilized in dialysis membranes, catheters, artificial blood vessels, and other forms of medical equipment. He wanted this invention to stabilize food supplies and address safety issues created by water shortages and soil contamination as a result of global warming.

    At its core, Imec film encourages plants to make a large number of capillary roots so as to more efficiently take in nutrients.
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  • We provide “PidPort” and “Medmain AI.” Our AI presents the detected lesion so that pathologists can focus on that area and make their work more efficient. ”PidPort” allows pathologists to manage pathological data in the cloud, and to ask for pathological consultations to AI or remote pathologists.
    “PidPort” and “Medmain AI” will support pathologists to make a diagnosis more efficiently.
    We will provide the better pathology to any patients, regardless of their location.
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  • Drought Hero is a specially treated biochar product, making dryland agriculture more resilient to water deficiency by improving soil moisture content or plant available water, and nutrient available water and nutrient holding capacity as well as root growth. At the same time, farmers can improve their productivity by minimizing water consumption and fertilizer use while gaining better and/or more stable yield.

    Meiwa Co., Ltd. produces this biochar through its patented carbonization technology**, by converting a wide range of unutilized biomass.

    Due to the increased number of drought and fluctuation of rainfall pattern, both associated with climate change, farmers have been facing low and/or unstable agricultural productivity more than ever. It has become a severe problem especially in the countries that hold arid and semi-arid lands (ASALs) such as the ones in Africa and Middle East Asia among other regions. In such countries, food security has been threatened both at micro- and macro levels. Application of the product does not require special infrastructure (such as irrigation pipes) or deep knowledge on how to use, hence its potential to be a ubiquitous solution for rainfed agriculture.
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  • Meiwa Co., Ltd. offers a solution to converting organic waste into charcoal. A biomass carbonization plant is essentially a waste recycling plant that converts organic matter into charcoal (referred to as biochar) for fuel, soil conditioner or fertilizer*. Materials that can be processed include food waste, sewage sludge, animal waste, etc.

    Usually, it is difficult to carbonize wet biomass because it requires energy and cost to dry it out first. However Meiwa’s technology makes it possible to process by utilizing waste heat from combusting syngas from carbonization chamber and patented carbonization method with dry biomass.
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  • Establishment of an Early-warning System for Infectious Diseases in Southern Africa Incorporating Climate Predictions

    Nagasaki University / Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC)
    Establishment of an early-warning system for infectious diseases in Southern Africa, incorporating climate predictions
    In Southern Africa, where poverty is prominent, lives are threatened by infectious diseases. Recent climate changes have increased the possible risks of infectious disease outbreaks in unexpected regions and on scales previously unknown. This project is developing an infectious disease outbreak prediction model that incorporates the influences of a variety of environmental factors into the climate change models in order to predict the outbreaks of malaria, pneumonia, and diarrheal diseases such as cholera that are predominantly affected by climate conditions. The ultimate aim of the research is to build an early warning system that can be applied in implementing effective countermeasures for infectious disease.

    Future application of the system for areas other than Southern Africa!
    By effectively utilizing the informative resources available to government institutions based on the early warning system, the number of people suffering from diseases can be reduced. The predictions can be applied through approaches involving appropriate preventative measures during warning periods and in high-risk regions (including implementation of countermeasures, preparation of medicines and diagnostic kits for an early response). In the future, the system can also be expected to be developed and deployed in areas outside Southern Africa.
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  • The “Micro Hydropower System” developed by Nakayama Iron Works Ltd., is a type of hydroelectric system that can produce a few kW to 1 MW of electricity. Until now, the company has installed hydropower plants with a maximum capacity of 49.9kW, and they are now working on a project with a maximum capacity of 420kW. The technology can produce electricity using small streams as main resource for power generation.

    The system was developed based on the company's expertise in crushing machines. Keeping the rotation of crushing machines in mind, the company came to understand that this rotation can be used as a power source, which led to the idea of developing micro hydro systems, where the rotation of turbine is converted to electricity. The company's main product is recycling machineries (crushing machines) and they are keen to make the environment clean and safe.
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